Love, Liverpool - Summer 2021
The everyday stories that make our city extraordinary

If the fabric of this city is its people, then the stitching is the stories we share.Have you ever sat on a train, looked over at the person opposite you and thought; “Who are you?”  Love, Liverpool opens the door into the worlds of a group of strangers, their hopes and dreams, their loves and losses. Through intertwining moments of interaction and connection, they take you through a day in the life of our city.Inspired by our award-winning, collaborative project Love, Liverpool: An A-Z of Hope, this exciting live show threads together the stories and spaces in Liverpool we share. Local writer Chloë Moss brings to life the original letters, commissioned in lockdown, with new material and video design from Tracey Gibbs. Nathan Powell directs a cast of five local actors, capturing the energy and magic of our remarkable city.

Created by Chloë Moss

With original material by Amina Atiq, Luke Barnes, Roy, Aron Julius, Rhiannon Jones, Mandy Redvers-Rowe, and the people of Liverpool

Directed by Nathan Powell

Video & Projection Design by Tracey Gibbs

Costume & Props Design by Kirsty Barlow

Lighting Design by Jack Coleman

Sound Design by Xenia Bayer

Movement Director and Choreographer Grace Goulding


Aron Julius

Helen Carter

Jennifer Varda

Chloe Clarke

Nathan McMullen


"Director Nathan Powell and choreographer Grace Goulding generate a real sense of narrative pace and energy" - Arts City Liverpool

"Sweet and tender - an antidote to the negativity of recent times." - NorthWestEnd

"Love, Liverpool has some incredibly beautiful, poignant moments that celebrate everything Liverpool is known and loved for." - The Echo

"Spotlights the city baring its soul and has us appreciating this place that much more." - Writebase

"Love Liverpool paints a far more personal picture – one that will be understood and felt most deeply by those of us who have the Mersey coursing in our veins." - Good News Liverpool